Age Concern

Short film

Two stubborn elderly ladies clash on a narrow pavement, who's going to budge first?



Writer / Director: Robert Greens


Director of Photography: Joe De Kadt


Sound Design: Leon Benning


Makeup: Kerry Bishop


Editor: Simon Martin


Starring: Glenyln Jones, Ellen Cosgrove, Vic Horne

The idea was based on personal experiences of living in a country with narrow pavements and feeling aggrieved that I was the person always getting out of the way.  I imagined what it would be like to one day refuse to move and what if I met someone just as stubborn?


It was the first time I wrote comedy and based the idea on myself.  The script was accepted on the One Minute Wonder competition set up by Screen South and the UK Film Council.  With their support I produced and directed the film.  Age Concern competed with nine other films and won the award.

Winner of One Minute Wonder, Brighton Festival


Final short list for BBC New Talent


Official Selection: Super Shorts Film Festival


Broadcast on Community Channel

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Age Concern Short film

Copyright 2016 Robert Greens