Short play


A grieving family attempt to recreate the smell of their recently passed uncle.


Writer: Robert Greens


Director: Neil J. Byden


Starring: Antonia Bourdilon, Tamara Camacho, Rob Fellman,

               Natalie Harper, Paul Thomas, Felicity Walsh.


Performed at The Tristan Bates Theatre, Convent Garden, London from 13 to 17 December 2016.

I was commissioned by The Pensive Federation to write a short ten-minute play for their show The Collective Project. The Pensive Federation process is to produce eight plays in 12 days. It's a rewarding and exciting process and I would recommend it to anyone. Each short play starred eight actors. A key finding from me was developing my ideas of forming a play based on the actors. I believe casting is so important to any play or film, so no point in developing a story where the actors playing the parts are not believable.


The workshop turned into a therapy question where I probed and discussed our issues and ideas of ourselves as a group. I recorded the session and then listened back to the conversations.


This play, like all of my work, is personal to me but also the relationships, status and ideas some of the actors had about themselves also evolved into the finished play. I believe the play was a success partly due to the actors quickly finding themselves in the play and the ideas expressed by the story. It was an amazing experience.

'For me, the two most successful pieces, Rob Green’s “Aroma” and Andy Curtis’s “Huddle”, resonated best from being a tight slice of life dramas with vivid characterisation and a good ear for social tension.


...deftly paints a picture of the play’s structuring absence – the dead Dickie – and manages to say much about duty, loyalty and power.'

 -- View From the Cheap Seats


'the idea of how closely memory is linked to smell is covered well in Rob Greens' Aroma, with an especially funny performance by Paul Thomas'

-- View From the Gods


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