Short film

A young man struggles to hide his phobia of eating in public from his girlfriend.



Writer / Director: Robert Greens


D.O.P: Simon Martin


Sound Design: Marley Cole


Producer: Anna Sullivan


Editor: Simon Martin


Starring: James Tilby, Mary Reid

Drew is based on my experience dealing with Sitophobia (a fear of eating in public). Fears and phobias connect us all, but men with this little-known fear are rarely shown on screen. The challenge in wanting to meet someone special through dating, but also trying to avoid going out for dinner inherently had comedy and conflict as a story.  I wanted to call attention to my ‘weaknesses’ in exaggerated and fictionalised ways and test people’s perceptions of masculinity and equality in relationships. After suffering embarrassment,  I wanted to show people that I had the balls to depict painful corners of my life. The number of people who contacted me and responded to the film, gave me the courage to the same again in later work.

Finalist: Prequel to Cannes


Official Selection: Mind Rights Film Festival

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Copyright 2016 Robert Greens