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Robert Greens portfolio of feature screenplays consists of comedy, dramedy's and magical realism, some of which are listed on this page.


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39 Years

Feature Screenplay

After 39 years, a retired couple dissolves their uncomfortable marriage, reuniting their distant son and trusted daughter to take responsibility for finding their aging father a new home.


Length: 91 Pages


Genre: Comedy, Drama


This new screenplay is about the bravery and challenges a retired couple goes through when they decide to separate (aka ‘grey divorce’) and the effect this has on their adult children to take care of their aging parents whilst dealing with their own grief.


39 Years is about love, family and that divorce sucks at any age. Set in a small town in West Sussex, 39 Years is a drama/comedy similar in tone to THE SAVAGES, THE SQUID AND THE WHALE and NEBRASKA.

From Robert: The story is semi-based upon my own parents separation. In searching for support and comfort, I discovered there are no films about divorce from the perspective of adult children and that depict the bravery and challenges that retired couples go through when they decide to be honest with themselves.


All four main characters (the father, the mother, and their two adult children) have their own stories. It was important that no-one is to blame for the separation (aka an antagonist) as divorce itself is painful and full of conflict enough, even when a couple split amicably. The main character is the youngest sibling, who by the end of the film learns more about his family and finally is able to come to terms with the new family dynamic and say goodbye to the family bungalow.


I wrote the first draft with the aim of expressing what was emotionally true about the situation. And, like with most things I tend to write, found the humour naturally came from the situation as well as the dramatic consequences.


I am currently looking for a talented producer to collaborate with. Please message me to discuss the script and we will share past work samples.

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