I asked Alan to co-write a short film with me after I saw his honest and funny one-man play Dupont and Davenport at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Alan wrote a first draft after we settled on the subject of friendship, a subject we felt had not been  accurately portrayed enough on the screen, especially across different sexualities. Alan turned in a great first draft, and with a few revisions, this is the final result.


One of my aims as director was to work closely with the actors (inspired by Linklater and Leigh) and the three of us bought the story to life through several rehearsals.  The camaraderie between Garvey and Sayers is a result of working with Alan and Brendan to find their characters within themselves and all three of us owning the story.


This film was a step up for me to focus on cinematography and composition, and Ed and Simon were a great help to get the Frances Ha and Nebraska look I was going for.

Garvey and Sayers

Short film

A friendship that's really a love story that's really a friendship.



Writer: Alan Flanagan


Director: Robert Greens


Camera and Sound: Ed Alridge and Simon Martin


Music by: Martin Gibbins


Sound Editor: Marley Cole


Editor: Jo Smyth


Production Assistant: Fiona King


Starring: Alan Flanagan, Brendan O'Rourke

Selected for:


Roze Filmdagen 2016


interfilm Berlin 2016


Cinecity Film Festival 2016

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