Owls and Parrots

Short experimental film

A seven-year old boy narrates about how the director's experiences of finding out he was dyslexic at university and it being undiagnosed at university.



Writer / Director /  Producer: Robert Greens


Narrator: Bill Heath


Special thanks to: Charles Dickens Primary School.

This short autobiography derived from my interest in my scripts and films conveying 'alternative', realistic dialogue -- the cadence, syntax and errors rarely heard on film. The 'mistakes' I sometimes make speaking can be funny and create new meanings. I wanted a seven-year-old to narrate my experiences of school as Bill would naturally convey experiences differently and thus the meaning of film would hopefully not only come from the content but also how from the delivery.


I took an exploratory approach to building this film. First, a fellow dyslexic interviewed me about being dyslexic, I transcribed it, and through editing it a theme emerged. My nephew then kindly read out the transcript, and with some further editing the final film emerged.


It's an experiment in exploratory filmmaking and the role of dialogue in autobiography.

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